Can Power be Stolen?

I had a Facebook conversation with someone recently about how she was conducting a long-distance healing for a friend and had suddenly become so drained that she couldn’t get out of bed.

“It sounds like you’re using your own energy to heal,” I suggested.

Turns out, she didn’t realise that there’s another way to do things, apart from using her own juice to power a healing or reading.

Can Power


A lot of people who’re naturally gifted with psychic intuition have become adept at the energy dance because they were preyed upon by energy vampires in their early (vulnerable) years. Kids raised by narcissists tend to be very in-tune with energy fields and flows for a number of reasons:

Firstly, they had to constantly test the emotional atmosphere in order to anticipate a blow-up from the narcissistic parent. This usually signaled the period of time when walking on eggshells would ensue as a measure to delay or diffuse the storm, but invariably failed because a narc must blow up at some point. It’s like a monsoon gathering off the coast; the longer it spends at sea, the worse it is when it makes landfall, and it must make landfall in order to dissipate.

Secondly, having your energy siphoned off by another person is kinda obvious. It’s like someone stealing your sweat and saliva until you wither up and dry out. Narcs understand energy better than most people, they just don’t talk about it because they’re vampires and they rely on gas-lighting their victims in order to keep them compliant.

Like with the sweat analogy, a narcissist will ensure that their victims have periods of time when they “drink” and replenish their energy, however, as the relationship goes on and the victim naturally pulls away, the narc allows only shorter and shorter reprieves and makes the repercussions of denying them access to their victim’s energy worse and worse.

The other thing that a narcissist will do is try to cut you off from your own source of love and energy so that they can divert it to themselves. A victim will become numb and disconnected, desperate for signs of external love and approval because they can’t make the connection back to their own, or believe that they aren’t entitled to.

As an adult, the intuitive discovers that their abilities are real and have a name. They don’t remember learning how they do what they do, they just know that it works and are usually grateful that they’re not crazy. This can mean that intuitives dive straight into helping other people out. Also, they’re conditioned by narcissists to believe that helping other people is their duty and the only thing which gives their lives value.

After all, if you grew up that way, you may come to view that fucked-up shit as normal.

“Oh, you mean, your parents don’t consume your soul for sustenance every two or three days? Oh…”

Yeah, dude, that shit is whack.

Want to know the good news?

No one can truly steal your soul or actually cut you off from it. They can deplete and divert your energy and make you feel like you’re gonna die, but they cannot really touch your soul. This applies to non-corporeal beings too.

The one supreme law above all other laws of the universe is sovereignty. You are the only master of your soul. You can abuse it, deny it, torment it and generally treat it like shit, but you cannot give it away and you cannot capitulate to another’s rule. You’re stuck with it for eternity and the purpose of your path is to get to know your soul and learn how to look after it.

Your soul’s energy extends far beyond your physical body and the outer edges are known as the aura. The densest part of your soul is located in the torso and head, centered in the heart area. As it radiates out from there it becomes more diluted and can be mixed with other people’s energy signatures in the outer edges. When this mixing and enmeshing occurs, either willingly or unwillingly, it can result in points of leakage, like open wounds of pain.

BUT… you have the power to fix it.

The number one project of an intuitive is to repair their auric field after years of external abuse and stolen energy. An aura without holes is an aura which can’t be manipulated, siphoned from, or breached in any way. However, this spirit body is also an emotional body and it responds and reacts to emotional triggers like someone ripping a scab off and making a wound bleed fresh.

There may be emotional triggers which have to be identified and worked through in order to permanently close and repair the holes, rather than just temporarily patching them up.

However, if you have a narcissist in your life, they already know where all the emotional wounds are and like to keep them open and bleeding so they feed off them easily. It’s much harder work for them to create the wounds than to just poke around until they find one that’s already there, or return to a familiar victim who hasn’t had time to heal yet.

Cutting off physical, emotional and spiritual ties to a narcissist is vital for healing the spirit and emotional body. If you don’t they’ll immediately zero in on your pain points within seconds of contact. It’s always at the top of their agenda and they usually get a quick feed by making some passive-aggressive remark designed to hurt and undermine their victim in the shortest amount of time possible. “Oh, I see you still haven’t done anything nice with your hair. Doesn’t matter what you look like, though, does it?” Once the initial exchange has taken place, they can leisurely take their time enjoying the torment of another, kinda like having an appetiser and then taking time with the main course.

So how do you enjoy being an intuitive and stop being a victim?

The first stage is to cut contact and then cut cords. Once you’ve done that you can get into cleansing as a way to patch up the holes until they have time to heal.

After that, the real work begins.

Delving into your shadow-self might be hard graft but can be totally worth it. So is emotionally detoxing. These are two sides of the same coin, approaching emotional healing in two very different ways. Shadow work makes you face the pain and work through it, while an emotional detox is where you deliberately lighten your mood for extended days at a time, not allowing negative emotions a look-in during the detox.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll want to connect with your spirit guides and form a loving relationship with yourself.

Look for more articles following up on how to do all of these things in the next few weeks.

/|\ Hearth Witch

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  1. Hi
    I hope you are well. Just seen some videos of yours on YouTube and was looking around your website. Awesome work and very interesting, very inspiring.
    Thank you JL



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