EcoPaganism v’s EgoPaganism

Who are the pagans? Are they eco-centric people who worship nature, or are they ego-centric people who worship themselves?

If you’ve met people before, you’ll know that this isn’t a straight-forward answer, even though it should be. Just like mainstream religions can become unhealthy places populated with toxic people, so can pagan communities. Basically, anything run by human beings is prone to self-serving agendas and fear-mongering.

So how do we keep ourselves clear?


We use crystals, herbs, staffs or wands made from tree branches, feathers and shells collected from the ground and brooms made out of dry leaves and twigs. We observe the stars and study animals. Our familiars and totems can be feathered, furred or scaly. We light fires, look up at the stars, observe the phases of the moon and feel the tides with our feet.


In the pagan traditions it’s all about being at one with nature and rituals are conducted in nature. This isn’t because we can’t afford to build churches or temples or whatever, but because nature keeps us honest.


But don’t forget that we need to do more than just use nature for our rituals or when we want something. Grounding isn’t a practice just for our benefit, but a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship which puts us back in touch with reality and ensures that the land feels loved.

One of the best ways to ground and to feel a connection to a bigger picture is to do something constructive for the environment. It might be as simple as watering a pot-plant, or maybe joining a beach clean-up. Perhaps you really enjoy raking up leaves or collecting sticks to make bonfires and prevent seasonal infernos. You might enjoy teaching kids about the local birds.

Whatever it is, the important part is to remember that balance comes from both taking and giving. We must serve the environment in order to receive abundance in return.

An artificial environment won’t balance our energies or give us a sense of connection to time and place. It can become easy to occupy too much of our brain-space or to get wrapped up in ego if we lose touch with what and where we really are. When that happens we become selfish and fearful because we’re hoarding instead of flowing.

People who flow are never afraid of losing what they have, because they understand that if something goes, then something better will take it’s place. They’re the people who always have enough room for something new and exciting because they can let go of the things which hold them back.

People get bogged down and start to stagnate when their energy isn’t flowing outside of themselves and back in again. If you think about a water source which isn’t moving it will eventually start to smell, breed algae and essentially become a toxic soup. Our energy flow is the same. We’re not meant to sit still for too long or wallow in our own waters. If we’re not aware of this process we might not know it’s a problem until it’s chronic.

The purpose of grounding with nature is to give us perspective. We need this to ensure we’re not stagnating. What better way to have perspective than to care about something outside of yourself?

All the best. Peace /|\

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