Karma Police

For a minute there I lost myself, I lost myselfRadiohead

If there is one thing I always took from this song, it’s that Karma is badly misunderstood by most people. Karma isn’t some kind of cosmic police force going around punishing people for the shitty stuff they’ve done and rewarding those who have done good.

If only…

Karma is the shit you haven’t dealt with. Try as we might, the one thing we can never escape is ourselves. As a society we spend most of our time avoiding the task of examining who we really are. We deliberately lose ourselves on an hourly basis.

This means that the karmic lessons we need to learn, either from past lives or this one, aren’t being dealt with.

Karma Police 2

So what are karmic lessons? Generally they are things like how you deal with other people and your personal relationships.

Do you cut and run from a relationship at the first sign of trouble? That’s a spiritual block you haven’t dealt with and karma will store it for the rest of your lifetime and the next one after that until you deal with it.

Do you allow other people to take advantage of your generous nature because you’re desperate for approval? That’s a karmic issue which won’t change or stop being an issue until you have paused to examine it’s underlying cause and figured out how to get past it.

Sometimes karma will go so far as to place you back with souls you have encountered in past lives so that you can re-create a shitty relationship, learn from it this time around and then move on.

Not all bad things in life are random or meaningless. The meaning can be hard to see until you’re past that stage, but at some point it usually makes sense in some way.

The other thing is, just because someone else hasn’t dealt with their own karma, doesn’t mean that you can’t. You aren’t reliant on others’ when it comes to your own spiritual journey. Don’t hinge your development on getting that apology from that asshole who screwed you over that time. It probably won’t happen and you don’t need it to anyway.

Spend time reflecting on things that have hurt you and examine the role that you played in how it came about. Was your life on track at the time, or were you avoiding some issues? Were you looking for approval in all the wrong places and ended up surrounded by narcissists? Did you sell yourself short and now you wish you had held out for something better?

If you can identify these weak spots in your own psyche, you can heal them and find something better in this lifetime. If you wallow in self-pity and blame others, you’ll never get past it.

Owning the responsibility to change things gives you the power to do exactly that: change things for yourself. Handing that power and responsibility over to other people leaves you vulnerable. They’re not here to owe you anything or make you happy. You are.

So go out there, be authentic, be kind, be responsible, but don’t take on other people’s drama. You’re here to sort out your own drama and make yourself happy in such a way that leaves you free from the shackles of karma.

All the best. Peace /|\

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