Energy Vampires

Sometimes it isn’t the supernatural you have to look out for. Sometimes, people are dicks. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’ve met way more dangerous people than entities.

Some of the worst people you can come across fall into the category of Energy Vampire. What the hell is an energy vampire? Well, it usually boils down to the spectrum of narcissism but the common factor is that they drain your energy just by being around them.

Now, this is tricky because some of the worst offenders can initially be quite energising at the beginning of your acquaintance. Give em time, though, and they’ll start sucking you dry.

If you haven’t plunged head-first down the psychological rabbit-hole that is narcissistic personality disorder (also known as Cluster B personalities to encompass other issues) then you truly haven’t lived. It’s a bewildering mind-fuck of information out there but it reveals so much about the most frustrating people you’ll ever know.

What are common behavioral characteristics of a narcissist? First of all they’re usually engaging, generous, witty, passionate and clever. Some do charity work to make themselves look good, but they wouldn’t bother if no one was watching.

Underneath all of this, when you really get to know them, they’re¬†supremely selfish. Emotionally they range from cold, angry, self-pitying, promiscuous, or just plain volatile all in an effort to mess with your perception of reality and keep you on tender hooks. They’re control freaks who want to dominate not only conversation but also your mind, and they usually know how to play the victim at the end of it all.

Be prepared to get fucked by em.

It also doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you have with a narcissist, it’ll always be toxic. They might be your partner, or your parent, or they might just be your mailman. Whatever they are to you, watch out for them cos they’re crazier than a cut snake and they’ll create drama wherever they go.

So how do you deal with them?

Once you have identified the presence of a narc, it’s not so easy as to wave sage smoke in their face and bid them leave, you’ll have to observe social niceties with these guys, to a certain point. I say to do this within reason because narcs never observe social niceties themselves, which is kind of the issue. You may have to be rude.

The first rule is: cut contact. That’s really the only way to have peace in your life. It’s kinda like asking if someone could still live with a demonic infestation if it only occupies their laundry. Um, no. However, sometimes cutting all contact is not possible.

The second rule is: tell them nothing about yourself EVER and be as interesting as a tea towel. If they don’t see you as worthy prey they’ll not waste their time and trust me, it’s all about getting a reaction from people.

The third rule is: don’t have any entanglements with them such as finances, employment (if possible), children (might be too late, but its ok), pets (ditto), housing, or any kind of plans where you need them to show up on time and have shit done. They won’t. It’ll be a schmozzle.

Fourth rule: don’t take pity on them. Remember, they’re a professional victim. Make them sort their own shit out and stay away from their fights and dramas.

Fifth rule: limit ways in which they can contact you. Trust me.

Sixth rule: don’t antagonise them. They’re a time bomb waiting to explode and shower everyone with nuclear fall-out.

Once you have your management of the person or peoples under control, it is time to take care or your energy. You may need to cleanse your space and yourself, then wrap a protective bubble of pink or maybe blue light around your aura. Obsidian and black tourmaline are also great crystals for absorbing and neutralizing bad mojo.

If you’re in a place where you can’t get away from people, go to the toilet (no one will stop you doing that) and take a moment to conduct a visualisation. Imagine you’re a shaggy dog soaked in water. Now imagine that you’re shaking all of that water out of your fur, droplets of it sparkling in the sunlight. Literally shake your hands and roll your neck to physically loosen up.

Now visualise stepping into the protective bubble (give it a yummy smell in your mind), and imagine that its rubbery like bubble gum but a lot harder and anything you don’t want getting through just bounces off it.

All the best. Peace /|\

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