Cord Cutting Ritual

Human connection is a funny thing. Sometimes it is a civilized and conscious act, other times it is purely instinctual and occasionally it is intentionally possessive or toxic.

In spiritual terms, this is referred to as cords, barbs and hooks. The purpose of a cord, barb or hook is usually to establish a connection in order to either dump toxic emotions or make someone act in ways that the other person wills upon them. Sometimes it is done consciously, and at other times it is unconscious. Regardless of how or why the outcome is the same.

Have you ever felt inexplicably obsessed about someone you just met? Maybe you get the urge to see someone or call someone against your better judgement. You might also find yourself subjected to pain, illness or emotions which are not your own. Trust me when I say that someone, including family and loved ones, has put a hook in or established an energy cord and is tugging the string when they feel like it.

People who use hooks, or cords, or throw toxic barbs at other people always feel justified in their actions. “How else am I supposed to get them to call me?” “I need them in my life.” “I’m not strong enough to cope on my own.” “They aren’t doing what I want.” “It’s for their own good, or they’ll make mistakes.”

Whatever the reason, this behavior is still unacceptable. It is imposing their will on someone else and taking away their freedom.

So how do you remove and block this kind of attack?

Cord Cutting Ritual

The first step is to become aware of it. Getting moods which aren’t your own can be confusing because they blur the lines of self and other. Being able to distinguish what is yours and what isn’t requires reflection and meditation. If your emotions are either out of proportion or seem to come from nowhere, they probably aren’t yours.

The second step is to conduct a visualisation meditation. Can you envisage in your mind where the cords are in your body? Can you see hooks sticking out of various body parts, or little barbs sticking out of you? It can take a bit of practice to feel your way through and you may want to tackle one at a time.

If you need help identifying the sources of these energetic attacks, you can employ the help of an energy healer who can scan your body to find and remove all of them. Find someone trustworthy who isn’t interested in adding their own hooks or cords.

Once you have identified the presence of the hooks, cords and barbs, visualize drawing them out or call upon the help of Archangel Michael to cut through them with a sword of pure light energy. Obsidian is a helpful tool in cord cutting and it can help to wear it for a short period of time, but not for too long because it can become disconcerting after a while.

Whatever you do, don’t send anything back to the other person. For one thing it will establish a cord of your own and perpetuate the toxic connection, for another thing it isn’t your job to provide karma for others.

The dispose of the cords, hooks and barbs, visualize a hole opening up in the ground beside you, drop the discarded items into it and seal it with rocks. The earth can absorb bad energy in the same way that plants actually benefit from poop. It’s all fertilizer in the end.

Once everything is removed, visualize sparkling blue light falling from heaven like a bright, warm shower, cascading over you from head to toe. The light cleanses your body and aura of all residual bad energy and fills in any gaps with good energy.

You may also like to take a real shower just to feel better and cleaner afterwards.

Once you’re cleansed, the next stage is to protect against further attacks. If at all possible, limit or cease contact with the people responsible. You should probably be warned that often they are aware that the connection has been severed and will become angry or volatile about it. Don’t engage with their behavior or retaliate. They’re a toddler throwing a tantrum because they can’t get what they want and you don’t want to lower yourself to that level.

To protect in general, imagine that after your shower and before you start each day, you step into a bright pink bubble which smells like lollies and it bounces off any negative energy and only lets in happy vibes. Mmmm, bubble-gum.

Remind yourself when you encounter anyone trying to get a hook in that their problems are not your responsibility and they’re perfectly capable of sorting out their own lives.

All the best. Peace /|\

4 Comments on “Cord Cutting Ritual

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  3. Hi, I really like your videos and have found them very helpful. I know you mentioned that you really cannot cut a cord with your mother due to the maternal connection since my time in my mother’s womb. My mother has been very toxic in my life and I finally was able to move out on my own to find myself. What you recommend I due to cut the negative cord with my mother? Thank you again! You are wonderful and I wish you many blessings.

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    • Hi, when it comes to separating from a toxic connection (regardless of the connection) I would always start with cord-cutting and cleansing, maybe once a week for a month.
      Try and release and purge a number of emotions since emotions is what maintains the connection. Work on forgiving yourself. You don’t have to forgive her, letting things go is a long and painful process.
      I would recommend having support while you do that, preferably in the form of a therapist who specialises in abuse and PTSD. Some therapists won’t get it, so shop around


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