Month: July 2017

Energy Vampires

Sometimes it isn’t the supernatural you have to look out for. Sometimes, people are dicks. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that I’ve met way more dangerous people than entities. Some of the worst people you can come across fall into… Continue Reading “Energy Vampires”

Cord Cutting Ritual

Human connection is a funny thing. Sometimes it is a civilized and conscious act, other times it is purely instinctual and occasionally it is intentionally possessive or toxic. In spiritual terms, this is referred to as cords, barbs and hooks. The purpose of a… Continue Reading “Cord Cutting Ritual”

Being an Empath

The mirror reflects in reverse, a perfectly backwards representation of the self. Some people avoid their reflection, ashamed of the imperfections it reveals while others become enamored with what they see, using it to feed their empty ego. Others see nothing more than what… Continue Reading “Being an Empath”