Grigori and the Shadow People

Perhaps you have seen something tall, dark and hooded from the corner of your eye. It may have been watching you. You may have caught a glimpse of it directly and seen the glowing red eyes.

If you have ever experienced the shadow people before, you know that they watch but never interact. Why is this? You may have also noticed that they show up during times of unrest in your life or even alongside the presence of something malevolent. But are they the cause, or merely a symptom?

There’s a lot of theory surrounding them and not a lot of hard facts, but here is a theory worth your examination: they’re the Watchers of the Bible also known as the Grigori. Unlike the Bible story, however, these aren’t fallen angels looking for human booty. They’re anything but sexual beings. These guys are still doing their original job of keeping an eye on humans and reporting back to the angelic bosses when an entity is out of line or a human is in a time of turmoil.

If they’re good guys, why are they scary as fuck? I hear you ask. Good question.

The Shadow People

First of all, if you have any entity in your presence you can always double check if they’re good or not by asking. If you put the question to them; Are you from the light? They can either nod or lean forward (or you may lean forward) for an affirmative. If there is no reply it’s always a negative. If they shake their head or lean backwards, or you lean backwards, they’re a negative entity. This is referred to as yes or no questioning and is the most basic form of communication with spirits.

If an entity makes you uneasy, you have the right to order them to go and they must obey. You can invoke the angels or any higher power you genuinely believe in and firmly state that they must leave. As long as you remember that, they might be able to scare the shit out of you, but they cannot harm you.

Back to the shadows: my spiritual mentor (who has been a professional medium for the last 50 years, I have yet to ask if she’d like to be named on this blog or not), gave me some insight to these guys. She says that they are dark and cloaked in order to blend in with the shadows and they have the red eyes in order to pierce the darkness and see things which are hidden.

When she told me about the true nature of the Shadows, it made a lot of sense and rang true for me. My experience had been that they were around, but not necessarily the instigators of trouble.

My husband grew up in a house which I later rented from his parents (long story, we weren’t dating at the time). When I lived there with housemates, I had the same room that my husband had grown up in. Something “lived” in that room (not sure if it can be called living) and I would feel it’s presence up in the far corner opposite the window and away from the door. At the same time, I also felt a presence outside the window and also in the bar area on the other side of the bedroom wall. It was creepy as fuck and I only stayed there for about 4 months before finding another place.

One night I was lying in bed with the lights on waiting for my boyfriend of the time to finish brushing his teeth when I felt something land on my foot at the end of the bed. It was so similar to my cat leaping up that when I looked, I expected to see him sitting there. Instead, there was nothing but an indent in the quilt.

A few nights later, my boyfriend was lying in bed with the lights on waiting for me to brush my teeth and had the same experience. He told me about his and then I told him about mine. Neither of us slept much that night.

Years later, talking to my husband about his childhood home, I asked if it had been haunted. He went a little pale when I said that I had slept in the same room as him and felt a presence in those specific areas of the house. He described trying to sleep as a kid and watching something move up near the ceiling of that corner and not daring to take his eyes off it. He also told me about hearing marching and whispering late one night in the bar area at the back of the house (it shares a wall with the bedroom).

What surprised me the most was when he told me about playing in the back yard one day in broad daylight and coming around the corner to see a tall, dark, hooded figure with glowing red eyes standing outside of his bedroom window. In an instant it was gone, but that memory is seared into his mind.

From what I now understand of Watchers, this makes sense. Rather than being responsible for the haunting inside the house, it was inspecting and keeping an eye on the activity from outside.

In a similar way, when we bought our first house most of the place was really positive, bright and happy, but the converted garage space was uncomfortable. We shared the house with some friends for the first year to help out with the mortgage and mostly lived there without incident of the supernatural kind.

One quiet sunny day I was sitting in the converted garage which we had set up as home office space, no one else at home except me. Out of nowhere someone signed right next to my left ear. I shot up out of my chair and stormed around the house looking for the asshole who had broken into my house, but I was completely alone. There wasn’t even any neighbors in the vicinity who I may have heard. At that point I freaked out and wouldn’t go back into the office until someone else was at home.

A few weeks later we all woke up around three in the morning because the TV was suddenly blasting at full volume in the living room. We got up, turned it off (which was hard because the remote had terrible range and we usually had to stand in front of the TV and point directly at the sensor to make it work). Everyone went back to bed and somewhat wrote it off as the cat stepping on the buttons. The next day we talked it over, confused as to how the cat could get the remote to work so easily when it took so much effort for us to turn the TV on, let alone raise the volume to maximum. My female housemate then said that she had heard someone sigh in the office when she was at home alone.

After the friends had moved out, we lived without incident for a while, although I still didn’t like using the office without my husband at home. He works crazy long hours so I would often be home alone in the evenings and started noticing a tall, dark, hooded figure from the corner of my eye as I watched TV. It would stand in front of the doorway to our converted garage and watch me.

As if that wasn’t enough to put me on edge, I would sometimes come home after dark and see that the porch light (which I had been almost certain I turned on before I left) was switched off. My husband always left for work before me and got home a lot later so it wasn’t him (I made sure by asking) and no one else had keys to the house. Plus, why would anyone break into our house without a trace and switch off one light? It was very strange so I started taking note of turning it on before I left, checking that the light was working and then locking up behind me. After a week of double checking, sure enough I came home to that one light switched off. I stood on the driveway crying for about 5 minutes before I plucked up the courage to go inside my house.

Since that time I have worked on cleansing the house and have noticed a real shift in the energy (Cleansing Ritual here). The most interesting part, is the idea that the Shadow was a watcher and had been standing guard in front of where the negative entity “lived” inside our house. If that is the case, then I was under protection at all times and didn’t really know it.

We all have protection available if we choose to access it. The key is that good entities, coming from the light, never push themselves onto us and must wait for an invitation. When I questioned my mentor on why creatures of stealth like watchers were so easy to see, she said they aren’t: my husband and I just happen to have the same ability. It’s one of the reasons we’re well matched: our vibrational frequency is in alignment.

If you too have this ability, take some comfort in the fact that you’re not alone and take even more comfort in the idea that help is always nearby, keeping watch over things and ready to step in when we’re ready to ask for help.

All the best. Peace /|\

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