Cleansing Ritual

So you’ve come to a cross-roads in life. Embrace the spiritual, or live in fear of it. Take life by the horns, or become it’s bitch.

If you’re living with a negative or dark entity, there are ways to push them out of your space and claim it back like a boss. Sometimes you can research what may have happened in the house and find ways to bring about resolution and healing from it, but sometimes it doesn’t matter what the history is, you just need to clear the energy.

This is a very general outline of a ritual, which may need altering for specific circumstances. If you feel out of your depth at all, or need moral support, don’t hesitate to employ the services of a spiritual guide of your choice such as a priest or medium. Choose these people carefully since sometimes they can stir up more trouble than they solve.

As with most rituals, there is safety in numbers so gather as many supportive friends and family as you can to help out. They don’t need to be told the whole story if you think they may be skeptical. There’s nothing more undermining than a skeptic so leave out negative people or they’ll make it worse. You can just tell people that you want to brighten up your home and change the feel of the place.

You may be in a situation where the people you live with are toxic to the situation. At that point you need to evaluate if you should be living with these people at all. That choice is yours and I cannot tell you if it’ll make your life better or not, but generally it sucks in the short term and then improves the long term exponentially.

If you feel up to it and can gather support, this is the basic format of a cleansing:

Phase 1: Preparation

Supply List

Smudging sage (can be either a tied bundle or loose leaf put into a heat-proof bowl)

Long-handled lighter

Musical Playlist of happy / upbeat tunes and speakers to play through.

Cleaning supplies, especially environmentally friendly options.

Gardening equipment

A trailer, utility vehicle, or hired skip bin to take away rubbish

Clean, comfortable and bright clothes.

Personal cleansers, like bath-bombs or luxurious scrubs

Pre-Ritual Preparation

Start by cleansing yourself. This may include having a haircut, manicure and facial or simply taking a long bath and washing your hair. Make sure everything is physically in order; hair, nails, skin, teeth.

You may also choose to fast in some way beforehand, but don’t eat nothing. It might be as simple as staying alcohol-free for a week beforehand or giving up meat and animal products. I like to limit what I drink to green tea and filtered water, then only eat simple vegetarian meals and soups.

Phase 2: Working Bee

The working bee is vital for cleansing. You need to gut your house, sort through all of your stuff and either throw away, give away or sell items which you don’t use and which may be causing clutter. Stuffocation is a major issue in our consumerist society and things don’t really bring us much genuine joy.

Make sure to put your playlist on loudly enough to fill the house but not piss-off the neighbors. Sing and dance around the house, encouraging anyone helping you to join in and fill the house with song, chatter and laughter.

Once you have cleared out the stuff, it’s time to clean the house itself. Hire a carpet cleaner, wash the windows inside and outside, get someone to prune the garden and take away the dead branches. Wash the walls, clean ceiling fans and lights, replace bulbs, scrub the tiles in your bathroom and kitchen. Disinfect the toilet, wash and dry all of your laundry and then sort and fold all items in your linen cupboard and closet. Clean the inside of your pantry and throw out old food. Polish your glasses and cutlery.

Open up the house to fresh air, bring down curtains or blinds and clean them. If your house is a bit dark, turn on all the lights and maybe re-think the curtains you have up since they may be causing the gloom inside.

Phase 3: The Ritual

Once the house has been cleansed, you can perform the smudging ritual. It should be done during daylight hours, never at night.

Gather everyone you trust and know will support you into a circle in the main living room and ask them to read this prayer with you:

We bless this house and all of it’s rightful inhabitants.

We bathe it in the light of love and joy.

All who live here are under the protection of the Great Spirit and Source of Pure Light

Darkness has no place here.

This is not a sanctuary for misery.

With this smoke (whoever has the sage can proceed to light it) we drive out all which holds us back in fear

We face our future with determination and resolve.

We shine a bright light into dark corners.

We treat one another with care and love.

This place is claimed as Holy.

This place is claimed as ours.

This place is given over to the light.

Awen, awen, awen. (pronounced ah-oo-en)

At this point you should start playing a song which you think is appropriate for the situation. A portable bluetooth speaker is a great option.

As a group you then move from room to room, playing the music (hopefully singing along as well) and wafting the smoke from the sage into all the corners of each room. Do this all through the house three times and then move outside and walk around it in a circle clockwise three times.

At the end of the ritual you should all hug and express gratitude for one another and then enjoy a good meal together. The meal marks the end of any fasting and a new beginning.

Phase 4: Upkeep

Once all of the cleansing and ritual has taken place, you will need to keep up the energy shift for at least the next month.

Keep the house clean. Keep it light, bright and full of fresh air.

Work on your surrounding relationships: cut ties with negative people and spend time doing enjoyable things with the people who make you happy.

Avoid anything depressing like sad music, scary movies, or drama TV. Watch comedy, laugh a lot, and sing out loud in your house.

Most importantly, don’t be cowed inside your own home. Claim the space back, occupy it as fully and noisily as you can and drive out anything which doesn’t belong.

All the best. Peace /|\

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