Pre-Cognitive Abilities

Have you ever known something with absolute certainty, but it is impossible to know because it hasn’t happened yet?

I once had lunch with my uncle at a local pub where there’s a tradition of raffling a tray of fresh meats for people to take home. My uncle bought everyone a ticket in the raffle, handed them out and then looked at his own ticket.

“Oh! I have the winning ticket,” he said quietly.

I looked over at his ticket and thought; shit, he does too.

My uncle saw me look deflated and said that regardless of who wins, he would give me the meat tray since he didn’t live locally. I cheered up, partly because he would let me have it and partly because it hadn’t been drawn yet so he might not have the winning ticket after all. The men hadn’t even finished selling tickets at that point. I reasoned it away, but knew with no small amount of certainty that he was right.

He was right. It was the winning ticket. I had enough meat to last me two weeks.

All human beings have the ability to know future events and pathways laid out before them, but most people will dismiss this as their imagination or possibly just logic depending on the situation. Sometimes it is. The only way you ever find out is over time when things come to pass.

So is having this ability useful in any way?

Unfortunately the answer is: not really. If you try and tell others what you know and can’t back it up with evidence they’ll think you’re either crazy or lying. At any rate they won’t believe you or will struggle to believe you.

The problem is faith. No one has faith anymore in the existence of knowing things outside of time and space. We’ve put too much stock in the scientific and taken it away from the esoteric.

The only way that anyone believes you if you tell them something about the future is if they’re paying you for psychic services. Only problem is, that isn’t how the gift of pre-sight works. You’re unlikely to get good information from a fortune teller, even a good one.

Not only is pre-cognition generally given as flashes from the blue, it also can’t be forced without some kind of catalyst.

Generally speaking, pre-cognition is only available when you’re already presented with something, like a physical ticket. My uncle didn’t buy the ticket because he knew it would win, he bought the ticket and then recognised it for what it would become. He saw the path ahead only after he had set foot on it.

Finding illumination means taking the first step. Fate only favours the bold, not the indecisive and hesitant. Seeking the future because you’re afraid will yield poor results. You know when the path you’re on is not working and littered with blockages, just as you know when a path is so clear that you almost float through it like the prow of an icebreaker. The trick is to listen to that intuition and not waste too much time or resources on things and people which are a waste of energy.

Looking around for a second opinion just because you don’t want to face a harsh reality or deal with a painful and difficult situation means you’ll stay in that situation. Doing nothing is still making a choice and your life is the end result of your choices.

It’s time to rip off the band-aid.

All the best. Peace /|\

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