Month: May 2017

Self Care Ritual

If you start a spiritual path, chances are you will need to start practicing self-care first. Everyone needs to do it, but often empaths and people who’re hyper-aware of the spirit world need to do it a lot more and to a higher degree… Continue Reading “Self Care Ritual”

Cleansing Ritual

So you’ve come to a cross-roads in life. Embrace the spiritual, or live in fear of it. Take life by the horns, or become it’s bitch. If you’re living with a negative or dark entity, there are ways to push them out of your… Continue Reading “Cleansing Ritual”

Pre-Cognitive Abilities

Have you ever known something with absolute certainty, but it is impossible to know because it hasn’t happened yet? I once had lunch with my uncle at a local pub where there’s a tradition of raffling a tray of fresh meats for people to… Continue Reading “Pre-Cognitive Abilities”