Receiving Abundance

At the moment there’s a lot of buzz around “receiving abundance” but what does that actually mean and why do we care?

Not everyone dreams of being rich and famous, or having a boat or living in a mansion or wearing fancy clothes. Some people’s ideas of paradise are being debt-free, raising chickens and growing their own fruit and vegetables. So the real question is, how importance is abundance?

First of all, I’m going to give you a test.

Q1. Are you comfortable receiving compliments?

Q2. Are you happy to receive favours from other people without feeling like there are strings attached?

Q3. Are you comfortable receiving help from others?

If you answered no to all or even any of these questions then you have a problem with receiving full-stop.

Being receptive is not about being a schmuck, which some people have been taught to believe that it is. Being able to receive with grace, thanks, and without strings is one of the greatest challenges most people have to overcome in life.

Some people deliberately offer help in order to put pressure on others to give when they don’t want to in return. This is not giving in it’s true form and it’s a lie that any kind of obligation is tied to it. You are perfectly within your rights as a sovereign human being to either decline the gift in the first place or to accept it and then reject any pressure to reciprocate.

A lot of the time we’re taught that other people owe us something or that we owe other people something, simply by existing. The truth is; nobody owes anyone anything ever. Not your parents, not your children, not your spouse, not your co-workers and not your boss. The only time this doesn’t apply is if you explicitly agree to terms, such as in a contract. All other reciprocation is purely from the goodness of our hearts and in order to maintain society and community.

If you operate from the view point that nothing is owed, then receiving something is a beautiful and gracious thing done with love and giving something is a beautiful and gracious thing done with love. When you start looking at it from that perspective, the string are cut and the weight is lifted from your shoulders. Guilt and obligation fall away and a sense of gratitude takes their place.

From that point onwards, you can generate your own abundance: abundant joy, abundant love, abundant peace within yourself. This is the true meaning of receiving abundance.

All the best. Peace /|\

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