The PreCognitive Heart

Did you know that your heart emits a bio-magnetic frequency which can be picked up by other living creature’s hearts and which also informs your brain about the world around you?

The term “having a heart-to-heart conversation” is as old as the hills but science has managed to prove its validity in recent years. However, it transcends human conversation and has more to do with emotional frequencies which can be picked not only by other humans but also by dogs, cats, horses and possibly plenty of other mammals which haven’t been tested yet.

A research institute called Heart Math have extensively researched the phenomenon and also developed a way of teaching people to change their own heart patterns into a healthier rhythm. A cohesive heart pattern is better for both mental and physical health overall because it manually reduces stress, which in turn reduces the stress responses your body undergoes on a daily basis.

One living creature’s emotional state can not only be picked up by others in the vicinity, it can also be replicated by them, a phenomenon termed synchronicity.

A group of people in a room will automatically synchronize with one another’s heart patterns, regardless of the external stimulus of the environment. In this situation majority tends to rule, however an individual can consciously change their heart rhythm and start a flow-on effect to the rest of the group.

All of this is pretty intriguing in and of itself, but the really surprising finding to come out of the test subjects is the discovery of pre-stimulus response in the heart’s rhythm. What is a pre-stimulus response? Basically it’s the heart processing information ahead of time and space and adjusting it’s rhythm accordingly.


This figure from the Heart Math research blog above is a graph displaying the heart rhythms of test subjects before, during and after seeing randomized computer-generated images of either a pleasant or unpleasant nature. At 4.8 seconds before the image appears, the subject’s heart rhythm changes briefly to the pattern it is about to respond with. This means that the heart knows 4.8 seconds ahead of time, what it is about to experience.

The research has invariably proved that the human heart is pre-cognitive and can accurately predict what is about to happen before it happens. How the heart accesses information outside of the normal constraints of time and space is as yet unknown. The working theory of Heart Math is that the electro-magnetic fields emitted by all living matter is part of a universal consciousness where the rules of physics don’t apply and we can tap into a knowledge source outside of time and space.

This is some pretty heavy stuff for science to be exploring and no doubt will push the boundaries of what people can and can’t accept about reality as we know it.

As for backing up this area of research, it isn’t actually the first time science has dabbled in the questions of time, space and human Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). A TED talk which was dropped by the organisation talks about the phenomenon of remote viewing.

Physicist Russel Targ discusses his work with the US Intelligence organisations and the training he did with their staff on remote viewing of inaccessible or unknown sites. Some of the descriptions of sites were incredibly accurate and it could be used to track down where wanted criminals were located at that time, or even where they were going to be and when.

One remotely viewed site was described quite inaccurately, which seemed to prove at the time that it wasn’t a science at all. However, when archival records of the site were brought up, the subject doing the viewing exercise had accurately described the site as it had been 75 years ago.

These two areas of research have managed to stumble upon an innate human ability which most of us don’t use or even know that we have. Our physical bodies are subject to rules in line with the physical world, but our spiritual bodies are not. What would you like to do with this ability?

All the best. Peace /|\

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