Month: April 2017

Body Shaming

OK people, we need to talk. First up, when did we start believing that having bones, muscles, skin, ligaments, vital organs and fat deposits warranted shaming? A lot of people would say that religion is at the root of all this trouble, but I’m… Continue Reading “Body Shaming”

Receiving Abundance

At the moment there’s a lot of buzz around “receiving abundance” but what does that actually mean and why do we care? Not everyone dreams of being rich and famous, or having a boat or living in a mansion or wearing fancy clothes. Some… Continue Reading “Receiving Abundance”

The PreCognitive Heart

Did you know that your heart emits a bio-magnetic frequency which can be picked up by other living creature’s hearts and which also informs your brain about the world around you? The term “having a heart-to-heart conversation” is as old as the hills but… Continue Reading “The PreCognitive Heart”